InfoLogica can assist you to build your next generation of enterprise ready software. We specialise in defining and refining .net architectures that make your projects run smoother, your developers more effective, and your customers happier! Start your next project with a proven, best practice .net architecture in place, your developers can immediately begin the critical work of implementing business solutions.

.NET Consulting Services
  • Migration of legacy applications to .NET
  • .NET Custom Software Development
  • .NET Desktop and Web Application Development
  • .NET Software Product Development
  • Web Services based .NET Application development
  • .NET Mobile Solutions (Microsoft's .NET Compact Framework)
Whether it's developing, rearchitecting on the Microsoft .NET Framework, integrating, or migrating your mission-critical applications, Infologica's Microsoft .NET expertise is unrivalled in the industry. Our teams of System Developers have extensive, real-world experience helping customers strategise, architect and implement applications using .NET.
Application Migration

With proactive investments delayed due to economic challenges, many organisations were required to limp along on legacy applications, dedicating a large percentage of management time just to keep these applications running – often on soon-to-be obsolete technology. Infologica’s re-platforming on .NET Solutions helps these customers cost-effectively rearchitect these mission-critical applications using the .NET tools and framework from Microsoft.

Custom Development

With the "hold steady" investment approach of the last few years, many organisations have had to delay development of new mission-critical business applications. As investment begins to rise, however, so does the need for custom application development. No platform is more cost-effective than Microsoft. NET, and no company is more capable of delivering this work than Infologica.

Custom applications deliver competitive advantage by arming your organisation with powerful ways to create and manipulate information. When it comes to building these applications, no platform is more cost-effective than Microsoft .NET. In addition to providing much-needed flexibility to ease integration, .NET offers developers a straightforward set of tools to build secure, reliable applications.

Infologica has a feature rich enterprise toolset for .NET. By utilising our Enterprise Fusion toolset, our teams of certified solution developers are able to further reduce cost and dramatically speed time-to-market. Enterprise Fusion also provides consistent design patterns and guidelines to help organizations establish consistency throughout their applications. This consistency allows companies to gain a critical advantage in management and lower long-term operations costs.

Our team of software professionals at Infologica gives you access to the best software development and application development services. Even if your business has inhouse developers or designers, it can be more efficient and cost-effective to outsource this software development. Our clients find that working with Infologica frees up their inhouse software developers and designers for time-sensitive, priority work and allows them to focus on their core competencies. Businesses often realise significant cost-savings with outsourcing to Infologica's software developers. Infologica Solutions works with you as a satellite team member. We manage and run with the project, so your managers and inhouse team can focus on other efforts.

Microsoft .NET architecture key features implemented

  • Microsoft Compliant / .NET design and development guideline.
  • Enterprise Application - N-tier architecture.
  • .NET Remoting Architecture (using TCP/HTTP protocol).
  • Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) for asynchronous message delivery.
  • Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI) for organization level user access control.
  • Windows Services for background processes.
  • Web Services using XML - SOAP/HTTP.
  • Advanced ADO.NET features.
  • Centralised Exception/Error handling.