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InfoLogica Fusion Framework is a Universal integration backbone built on .Net which acts as a shared messaging layer for connecting applications and other services throughout an enterprise computing infrastructure. It supplements its core asynchronous messaging backbone with intelligent transformation and routing to ensure messages are passed reliably. Services participate in the framework using the web services messaging standards

InfoLogica Fusion Framework supports the deployment under Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. More specifically that of Windows 8 and Windows 2008 Server

Infologica Enterprise Tools

Infologica Workflow Designer
Infologica Workflow designer provides business analysts with the high-level graphical abstraction to express the complex business logic and serialise it in a structured document format (XAML) as a workflow definiton. Read more...

Infologica Fusion Framework SDK
includes all necessary tools required for the streamline development of the application services and infrastructure adapters. By installing the Infologica SDK any developer is able to program application services and debug them locally while invoking all backend infrastructure services via Infologica Service Manager using .NET Remoting. Read more...

Infologica XSD Editor
transforms the complex and routine job of Schema generation in to the trivial task, allowing any business analyst with no XML/XSD knowledge to create or edit the type library and web service definitions using the treeview interface with the simple drag/drop manipulation. Read more...