InfoLogica Fusion Framework is a Universal integration backbone which acts as a shared messaging layer for connecting applications and other services throughout an enterprise computing infrastructure. It supplements its core asynchronous messaging backbone with intelligent transformation and routing to ensure messages are passed reliably. Services participate in the framework using the web services messaging standards

Infologica Web Services Routing Gateway provides the seamless integration of the external web clients with the internal business infrastructure allowing for the strategic deployment of multiple firewalls between the distinct layers and giving a double level of protection, both on the inside of the network and within the DMZ. This aids tremendously in extensibility and scalability of the entire system application.

Infologica Web services Routing Gateway complies with the latest OASIS specification for WS-Addressing and WS-Referral as well as provides the automation for the service registration, configuration and publishing via dynamic service discovery and processing of the WSDL information.

All web requests in a DMZ are subject to the web service gateway request processing rules which validates the digitally signed SOAP envelope, making sure that only Cryptographically Endorsed message can be routed to the internal business services.

As an intermediary compliant with WS-Addressing specification the Infologica Web Service Router guarantees that the encrypted content of the SOAP message body remains confidential throughout the whole routing and dispatching process and can only be decrypted by the Service provider.

Infologica WS Routing Gateway supports the following SOAP message routing process:

Service consumer:
  • Optionally Encrypts a SOAP message meant for the Service Provider with SP's Public Key.
  • Signs the message meant for Routing Service with its Private Key.
  • Sends the SOAP message to Routing Service.
  • Is not aware on the destination endpoint of Service Provider and only knows of the existence and endpoint of Routing Service.

Routing Service:
  • Verifies the incoming message signature comes from Service Consumer.
  • Signs the message headers and body with its own Private key.
  • Dispatches the signed message to Service Provider via an URI referral service.
  • Optional encryption meant for Service Provider remains intact.

Service Provider:
  • Verifies the Signature of Routing Service.
  • If required Decrypts the message using Service Provider Private key.
  • Processes and returns SOAP Message.
  • Message routes back to the Service Consumer via the same soap nodes in the reverse order.

System Prerequisites:

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows® XP SP2/ Windows® 2000 SP3/ Windows® 2003 SP1
  • Hardware requirements: Pentium IV 2 GHz or higher processor, 1GB RAM.
  • Software prerequisites:
    • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.x or 6.0
    • Enabled MSMQ Services and MSMQ Trigger Services
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Runtime
    • Web Services Enhancements 2.0 SP2 for Microsoft® .NET(requires .NET Framework 1.1 Runtime to be installed)
    • Infologica Fusion Framework 2.0 Runtime Redistributable

Download and Installation Instructions:

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  • To copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save to Save this program to disk.

    Note: This is a bootstrapper setup program which requires an active internet connection to download and install the software product and all missing runtime prerequisites from the vendors web sites. If you intend to install the product on the machine with no or limited internet connection you have to download each MSI package separatelly from the Infologica product download area.