Infologica Fusion Framework is a Universal integration backbone which acts as a shared messaging layer for connecting applications and other services throughout an enterprise computing infrastructure. It supplements its core asynchronous messaging backbone with intelligent transformation and routing to ensure messages are passed reliably. Services participate in the framework using the web services messaging standards
InfoLogica TCP Service Listener is a simple multisocket windows service that allows for associating the arrival of incoming TCP messages with the instance of workflow or functionality of one of the application services registered with the Infologica Fusion Component container.

TCP Listener configurable triggers can be used to define business rules that can be invoked when a message arrives without the need for any additional programming. Application developers no longer need to write any infrastructure code to provide this kind of message-handling functionality.

Key Features:

  • IP filtering of the TCP Clients.
  • Graphical user interface for the TCP endpoint settings and TCP Trigger Configuration.
  • TCP Adaptor extending the Infologica Infrastructure Services Adapter Library.