Infologica's Fusion Framework SDK includes all necessary tools required for the streamline development of the application services and infrastructure adapters. By installing Infologica SDK developer is able to program application services and debug them locally while invoking all backend infrastructure services via Infologica Service Manager using the .NET Remoting.

Infologica Fusion Framework SDK provides programmers with the Project and Application Service Templates integrated with the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 which significantly simplifies development of the application services compliant with Infologica Fusion component container.

Key Features:

Infologica SDK includes the following tools and programs:

  • XSD Editor - allows business analyst with no XML/XSD knowledge to create or edit the type library and web service definition using the treeview interface with the simple drag/drop manipulation. Allows developer to generate the C# proxy serialisation classes from the created or loaded schema and further reference them in the Infologica web operation template, providing access to the complex XML structure via intuitive object model.
  • Workflow designer Pad - provides business analysts with the high-level graphical abstraction to express the complex business logic and serialise it in a structured document format (XAML) as a workflow definiton. Allows developer to map the logical business activities to the actual implementation services defined as a workflow component activities and registered with the Infologica Fusion component container.
  • Infologica Class Libraries & Utilities (incl. API for data parsing, serialisation, transformation, logging, context syncronization, state management, user impersonation, adapter invocation).
  • Application Services Test Bench - allows developer to debug aplication service code locally in Visual Studio while invoking all backend services remotely.
  • Web Services Test Bench - sophisticated web services client visual interface allowing to invoke application services registered as a web services and test service access rules and policies incl. request digital signing and SOAP message encryption.
  • Web Services Administration Console - allows to remotely register and publish the web service endpoint and assosiate it with the web operaton list. Provides interface for dynamic discovery of web operations from XML Schema and further mapping to the application services from the Infologica Framework component container or routing to the external web services or binding to the registered workflow definition. Allows administrator to create and manage client access and subscription policy as well as register and configure the Infologica Infrastructure services adapters.
  • Infologica License Manager - allows to register any software from the Infologica Fusion product Family.

System Requirements for installing Infologica's Fusion Framework SDK :

OS: Windows® XP SP2/ Windows® 2000 SP3/ Windows® 2003 SP1, with Internet Information Services (IIS) 5 or 6 and .NET Framework 2.0 with WSE 2.0 SP1

Development Platform: Microsoft Visual Studio.NET® 2005

Development Language: Any .NET language

Database Support: SQL 2000, SQL Server 2005 (Microsoft), Oracle 8i

Hardware: Any ASP.NET compliant hardware (P4 2 GHz with 40GB HDD & 512MB RAM recommended)

Software prerequisites:
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Runtime
  • Infologica Fusion Framework 2.0 Runtime Redistributable

Download and Installation Instructions:

Click the Download link to start the download.
Do one of the following:
  • To start the installation immediately, click Open or Run this program from its current location.
  • To copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save to Save this program to disk.

    Note: This is a bootstrapper setup program which requires an active internet connection to download and install the software product and all missing runtime prerequisites from the vendors web sites. If you intend to install the product on the machine with no or limited internet connection you have to download each MSI package separatelly from the Infologica product download area.