InfoLogica Fusion Framework is a Universal integration backbone which acts as a shared messaging layer for connecting applications and other services throughout an enterprise computing infrastructure. It supplements its core asynchronous messaging backbone with intelligent transformation and routing to ensure messages are passed reliably. Services participate in the framework using the web services messaging standards

Infologica Messaging Service

Infologica provides a flexible, platform-agnostic messaging backbone for the asynchronous exchange of critical business data and events throughout an enterprise.

Infologica Messaging Service(IMS) enables loosely coupled, reliable, and asynchronous communication in the distributed network environment acting as a shared messaging layer for connecting applications and services.

IMS provides superfast and secure tcp-based message-exchange service logically positioned between one or more business applications. It allows application components based on the .NET and Java Platform to securely create, send, receive, and read messages using Infologica IMS Adapters or client API.

Infologica IMS provides client interfaces tailored to the publish and subscribe (pub/sub) domain. The IMS destination for a publish and subscribe message is a queue. Publishers and subscribers may dynamically publish or subscribe to the content hierarchy. Each message may have multiple consumers and the messaging system takes care of distributing the messages from a queue's multiple publishers to its multiple subscribers.

Infologica IMS Remote Administration Console allows to enforce authentication and authorisation policy, making sure that only authorised accounts can access messaging system and publish and/or subscribe to the particular queue. IMS supports both windows and custom authentication.

Infologica Fusion Messaging Infrastructure also includes comprehensive Complex Event Processing (CEP) capabilities for real-time operational insight, providing a Generic Message Processor Service (MPS). Similar to the Fusion File System Watcher and TCP Service, Infologica Message Processor Service allows for mapping of the target queue and message subject to any of the registered Infologica Application Services which can be dynamically invoked to process messages arrived on the queue. ...Read more >>

Key Features:

Infologica Message Service is a key Infologica Fusion infrastructure component featuring:

  • Cross-platform publish/subscribe secure message-exchange
  • Loosely coupled, reliable, and asynchronous communication
  • Tight Security, Windows and Custom authentication of IMS Accounts on initial connection and queue access
  • Comprehensive Complex Event Processing (CEP) capabilities
  • Remote Administration for IMS Security Policy and Message Processing Rules.
  • Intuitive .NET and Java client API and Messaging Adapters.

New Releases:

Infologica Instant Messaging Service for .Net 4.0 is available now for distribution under the per-server or enterprize licence scheme. The new version of the Infologica IMS is extended to support both point-to-point and pub/sub messaging standards and is highly optimized for the .Net 4.0 framework. Please contact the Infologica sales team to receive the evaluation copy
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows® Server 2003, Windows® 7, Windows® Server 2008
  • Software prerequisites:
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Runtime
    • Infologica Fusion Framework Runtime Redistributable
    • Latest version of Infologica Fusion SDK

Download and Installation Instructions:

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    Note: This is a bootstrapper setup program which requires an active internet connection to download and install the software product and all missing runtime prerequisites from the vendors web sites. If you intend to install the product on the machine with no or limited internet connection you have to download each MSI package separatelly from the Infologica product download area.