InfoLogica Fusion Framework is a Universal integration backbone which acts as a shared messaging layer for connecting applications and other services throughout an enterprise computing infrastructure. It supplements its core asynchronous messaging backbone with intelligent transformation and routing to ensure messages are passed reliably. Services participate in the framework using the web services messaging standards

Infologica File Watcher Service operates as a multithreaded windows service providing event-driven task automation based on the arrival of files in the configurable watched directory.

Designed as a member of the Infologica Fusion Family Suite the File Watcher extends the list of the supported application/system triggers and diversifies the mechanisms of invocation for the existing and new application Services. This provides for the great code reusability allowing to invoke any existing component Service from the Infologica Fusion component container without extra coding as well as to integrate the file watcher with the Infologica workflow management system.

The Infologica File Watcher visual interface allows to register any Infologica Fusion component service as an Execution Provider(File Processor) and further map it to the file arrival event via the task unit, which represents the lowest business abstraction in the File Watcher hierarchy. The task contains the configurable set of conditions defining the file proccesing event, like file directory and file extension. It also defines the logging, archiving, retry and notification rules as well as alows to customise input task parameters.

Infologica File Watcher import/export tool provides the Intuitive Graphical interface which helps to serialise the file watching instructions in the structured XML document format and easily redeploy it to any environment.

Key Features:

The File System Watcher includes the following:

  • Highly robust multithreaded file processing.
  • Full Integration with the Infologica Fusion Framework, transparent and secure access to the Enterprise assets via Infologica Infrastructure Adapters.
  • Sophisticated graphical user interface for task management and monitoring of the file processing status.
  • File Archiving capabilities.
  • Customisation of the task input parameters.
  • Configurable file filtering and retry logic.
  • Xml File Processing Instruction import/export tool.
  • Configurable email notification on file processing.
  • Streamlined development cycle and high code reusability.

System Prerequisites:

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows® XP SP2/ Windows® 2000 SP3/ Windows® 2003 SP1
  • Hardware requirements: Pentium IV 2 GHz or higher processor, 1GB RAM.
  • Software prerequisites:
    • SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server Express 2005
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Runtime
    • Infologica Fusion Framework 2.0 Runtime Redistributable

Download and Installation Instructions:

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  • To copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save to Save this program to disk.

    Note: This is a bootstrapper setup program which requires an active internet connection to download and install the software product and all missing runtime prerequisites from the vendors web sites. If you intend to install the product on the machine with no or limited internet connection you have to download each MSI package separatelly from the Infologica product download area.