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OpenID Connect, OpenAuth2.0
.NET Core
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PKI, X509, Kerberos,
.NET and Win32 Security
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Web Messaging(Sockets, SignalR)
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COM+ and Enterprise Services
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Welcome to the Infologica Product Downloads area. This is where you can obtain FREE evaluations copies of any of our Enterprise Fusion Products. Our downloads are full copies of our commercial applications that allow you to thoroughly evaluate them to ensure that they do what you expect and want from them during the trial period.

Every product has a trial period of 30 days. After the initial 30-day trial period, to continue using these products, you'll be required to purchase a software license. To offically register and purchase any product please contact one of our sales representatives. Once you have purchased the product, a license and registration key will be given to you.

Supported Operating Systems:
  • Windows Server 2003 family with Service Pack 1 or later(recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 1 or later
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with Service Pack 3 or later
Minimum Hardware requirements:
  • Pentium IV 2 GHz or higher processor
  • 1 GB RAM
Software prerequisites:

Note: The Infologica Fusion Framework 2.0 Runtime is dependent on Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Runtime and Web Services Enhancements 2.0 SP2 which have to be installed first. Alternatively you can run an Infologica Fusion Runtime Bootstrapper package which validates and installs the Infologica Fusion Framework 2.0 Runtime and all missing dependencies in a single setup.

Infologica Enterprise Products Trial Downloads :

Product Description Download Size
Infologica Web Services Framework 2 MB
Our Web Services Framework enables seamless exposure of any application service registered with the Infologica Fusion component container as a web service providing a secure cross-platform scalable interface to the internal and external infrastructure assets.
Infologica Fusion Job Scheduler 2 MB
Our job scheduler enables automation and scheduled execution of any bespoke developed Infologica Fusion component service. Job Scheduler is fully integrated with the Infologica Fusion Framework and can be configured to execute the web services queued tasks or trigger the workflow activities.
Infologica Fusion File System Watcher 2 MB
Our File System Watcher tracks any file, folder or log pattern within your environment and can be used to trigger other framework events or invoke the Infologica component services
Infologica Fusion WorkFlow Management Service 2 MB
Used in conjunction with the WorkFlow Designer our Workflow management engine provides the ultimate power in business process orchestration and intelligent routing. It allows to break the business process into the smaller reusable units of execution (activities) and invoke them asynchronously across and beyond the enterprise within the same application context.
Infologica Fusion Messaging Service 2.0 2 MB
Infologica Messaging Service provides client interfaces tailored to the publish and subscribe architecture and allows application components based on the .NET and Java Platform to securely create, send, receive, and read messages using Infologica Client API or IMS Adapters.
Infologica Fusion Messaging Service 4.0 2 MB
The new version of the Infologica Messaging Service is extended to support both point-to-point and pub/sub messaging standards and is highly optimized for the .Net 4.0 framework.
Infologica Messaging SDK 4.0 2 MB
Infologica Messaging SDK 4.0 provides administration tools to remotey control the messaging service and its advanced queue settings like message delivery policy and persistence mode.
Infologica Fusion Message Processor Service 2 MB
Infologica Message Processor Service allows for mapping of the queue/message subject to one of the reusable Infologica Application Services which can be dynamically invoked to process messages arrived on the queue.
Infologica Fusion SMS Service 2 MB
Our SMS Service gateway provides messaging capabilities to the wireless world. Distributing corporate data or time cricital information to your mobile work force.
Infologica Fusion WorkFlow Designer 2 MB
Our Workflow Designer provides business analysts with the high-level graphical abstraction to express the complex business logic and serialise it in a structured document format (XAML) as a workflow definiton
Infologica Fusion WebServices Administration 2 MB
Web Services Administration is an integral part of the Infologica Fusion Web Services Framework. It is a web service itself and provides the centralised cross-environment metadata repository and deployment engine.
Infologica Fusion Web LogViewer 2 MB
The web based log viewer gives the ability to monitor and report the business activity of the Infologica Fusion component services at the click of a button. Keeping track of every transaction, and message delivery status.
Infologica Fusion Software Development Kit 2 MB
Our SDK enables your in house developers to design, build and test their component services against the framework before deployment. SDK also shipped with the License Manager application required to register any software from the Infologica Fusion product Family.
Infologica Fusion XSD Editor 2 MB
Our XSD Editor allows business analyst with no XML/XSD knowledge to create or edit the type library and web service definition using the treeview interface with the simple drag/drop manipulation. Built-in C# Code Generator allows developers to generate serialisation classes with a click of a button.
Download and Installation Instructions:

Make sure you have all software prerequisites installed on your computer.
Click the Download link for any Infologica Fusion product to start the download.
Do one of the following:
  • To start the installation immediately, click Open or Run this program from its current location.
  • To copy the download to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save to Save this program to disk.
Post-Installation Instructions:

Please visit this page for information on steps to perform after installing the Infologica Fusion Framework: Post Installation Steps