InfoLogica can assist you to build your next generation of enterprise ready software. We specialise in defining and refining .net architectures that make your projects run smoother, your developers more effective, and your customers happier! Start your next project with a proven, best practice .net architecture in place, your developers can immediately begin the critical work of implementing business solutions.

Infologica Consulting Expertise

OpenID Connect, OpenAuth2.0
.NET Core
.NET 4.0/4.5
Web Services(ASMX, WCF)
PKI, X509, Kerberos,
.NET and Win32 Security
.NET Integration and Customization
Web Messaging(Sockets, SignalR)
AngularJS, Angular CLI
AJAX, JQuery, Knockout JS
ATL, C#, C++
COM+ and Enterprise Services
Database Analysis
Distributed Applications
Legacy System Migrations

Leveraging Our Software as a Base for Partners

Infologica is an innovative company that uses our own software as a major part of our day to day infrastructures and processes. We have multiple products in development. We have people working in multiple time zones. We have a variety of customer and partner relationships around the world. Most importantly we use all of our software every day to help get the job done.

In fact, our entire way of conducting business has changed dramatically over the years based on the capabilities of our software products. This is why we (and our customers) already know what a difference using our products can make.

With that in mind - we have developed some very simple and easy ways for you as a partner of Infologica to benefit from not only using our software.

Example Business Opportunities

If you are looking for ways to extend your sales capabilities, product integrations, business offerings, value added services, or for your consulting engagements, you might want to take a little time to give us a call.

  • Resellers and Values-Added Resellers (VARs)
  • SOA Solution Providers
  • Interactive Agencies
  • Systems Integrators/Developers
  • Distributors
  • Government Service providers
  • On-Demand/Hosting Companies
  • Affiliates/Organisations
  • Professional Managed Service agencys

Contact Infologica About Available Partnership Opportunities

For More information you can send an e-mail to Here is how it works...

  1. Contact us and we'll discuss how we can work together. We'll educate you as well on what the possibilities are and how it could work for your business.
  2. If you like what you hear, we'll work with you and put you into a position where the benefits and opportunities for your business will turn into a reality.