InfoLogica can assist you to build your next generation of enterprise ready software. We specialise in defining and refining .net architectures that make your projects run smoother, your developers more effective, and your customers happier! Start your next project with a proven, best practice .net architecture in place, your developers can immediately begin the critical work of implementing business solutions.

.NET Consulting Services
  • Migration of legacy applications to .NET
  • .NET Custom Software Development
  • .NET Desktop and Web Application Development
  • .NET Software Product Development
  • Web Services based .NET Application development
  • .NET Mobile Solutions (Microsoft's .NET Compact Framework)
InfoLogica has Mobile Solutions that will satisfy your needs for embedded applications on your employees' mobile data terminals. Business today requires constantly updating information and prompt reactions to events worldwide. Mobile and tablet personal computers are widely used where desktop computers are inappropriate -- in supermarkets, on remote locations, and on the go. Tuned to perform specific tasks, mobile devices provide a cheap and reliable way to keep up with technical progress.

Our company has developed mobile tracking systems, real-time secure mobile payment systems, mobile workflow-based applications and protected instant messaging clients for corporate and global networks. We have the knowledge to accomplish every task, which can be done on mobile devices.

InfoLogica's bespoke mobile application development

Customised Mobile Development & Tools.

See a sample of our mobile communication toolset in action. This particular application runs across a multitude of wired and wireless networks to seamlessly provide the end business user with a workflow approval mechanism. This type of mobile solution is extremely powerful, allowing any number of configurable business workflow tasks to be defined, conditionally executed and ultimately approved. Giving mobile business users the true power and flexibility whilst being mobile. more »

Mobile Applications

SMS Solutions
MMS Solutions
Interface Design
Security Solutions
Camera Phone Solutions
Multimedia Applications
Phone-to-Server Communications
Multiplatform Applications


Custom software development
Embedded application development
Integration of Mobile solutions to Enterprise Systems
Application Porting