Infologica Fusion Framework: Post-Installation Instructions
Infologica Fusion Framework is distributed in 10 MSI packages which gives Administrator a great deal of flexibility during installation, not compromising on existing network security and enterprise architecture standards.
While being designed for the distributed network environment all Infologica Fusion packages could be also installed on a single box which helps to evaluate the framework in general and each service in particular.

If you wish to evaluate the Infologica Fusion Framework make sure that the following Infologica Fusion Packages have been successully installed on your box:
  • Infologica Fusion Redistributable
  • Infologica Fusion Web Services Framework
  • Infologica Web Services Administration
  • Infologica Fusion Web LogViewer
  • Infologica Fusion SDK
  • Infologica Fusion JobScheduler
  • Infologica Fusion Workflow Engine
  • Infologica Fusion FileWatcher
  • Infologica Messaging Service
  • Infologica Message Processor Service
Note: Most of the routine setup tasks including the installation of databases, web sites, message queues, triggers, component services, registration with Global Assembly Cache, configuration of the security permissions, etc. are fully automated by the Infologica Fusion Setup Wizards and require you to have an Administration rights in order to succeed with installation.

Post-Installation tasks:

After you finish the installation you should complete the post-installation tasks. The post-installation tasks will help you verify the installation of the Infologica Fusion Framework and configure the services that you have just installed.
  • Using the Computer Management Console navigate to the Services and Applications/Message Queueing/Private Queue. Verify that the following queues have been created:

    • infologica.workflow.messages

  • Verify (selecting queue's Properties/Security) that Everyone has granted the Retreive\Peak message permissions on each Infologica Queue.
  • Restart MSMQ TriggerService
  • Using the IIS Management Console verify that the following Infologica Fusion websites and/or virtual directories have been created and configured for ASP.NET2.0

    • Infologica.Web.Services
    • Infologica.Web.Administration
    • Infologica.Web.LogViewer

  • Restart IIS after changing configuration.
  • Using the Services applet verify that the following Infologica Fusion windows services are registered and running:

    • Infologica.App.JobScheduler
    • Infologica.App.FileWatcher
    • Infologica.App.Workflow

  • Using the Component Services Management console configure Identity of the Com+ Infologica.App Package. The package should run under the privileged account with the rights to access infrastructure services and data on your network, e.g. SQLServer, Oracle, Network shared folders, etc
  • Grant NT AUTHORITY/NETWORK SERVICE account Read/Write access to the Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files folder
  • Using SQL Server Management Console Verify that ASPNET account has granted the Read/Write access to the LogviewerDB Database.
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