Infologica Fusion Framework architecture shown below is scalable to cater for the needs of SOA requirements. It provides connectivity to the existing business assets (file systems, databases, message queues, application servers, custom-built applications) together with the premium enterprise-level services incl. digital signing, reliable messaging, authentication and authorization, service discovery and registration.

Infologica's Fusion Framework is built on top of the robust Microsoft .NET architecture. It's intended for developers, technical business managers, business analsysts, MIS and system administrators who wish to provide increased value to the applications, products, business processes and upgrade their enterprise's assets to the SOA world.

Infologica Fusion Framework can be deployed in a clustered load-balanced environment. It contains a failover engine and monitoring service, which transfers the workload to available working servers in the event of a failure.

Our Framework's Xml message-based open architecture enables seamless integration with a vast array of platforms and business applications. It can be used to integrate and extend the functionality of various Microsoft products like BizTalk, SharePoint Portal Server, Windows SharePoint Services, CMS, Office 2003 & InfoPath.