InfoLogica can assist you to build your next generation of enterprise ready software. We specialise in defining and refining .net architectures that make your projects run smoother, your developers more effective, and your customers happier! Start your next project with a proven, best practice .net architecture in place, your developers can immediately begin the critical work of implementing business solutions.

Infologica is a .NET consulting company that delivers business solutions and enhances business processes through the use of existing and emerging Microsoft technologies. We specialise in custom application development, security, application infrastructure and application integration.
InfoLogica has an extensive catalogue of enterprise products along with industry leading skills which enable us to successfully deliver challenging software development projects on time and on budget. We excel at developing reliable, extensible software for mission-critical applications and essential business processes.

We believe we serve our clients best by providing the highest caliber IT professionals available. We define quality in terms of technical capability, professionalism and client "fit."

Our service is focused on assisting our clients and contributing to their success. Infologica have an exceptional pedigree in providing IT Solutions to companies throughout Australasia, the UK and the US. Our main aim is to help businesses achieve a competitive advantage by harnessing the power of today's software and Internet technologies.

Our philosophy is about developing business solutions that work for our customers and meet real business needs in today’s challenging business environment. We use an array of enterprise system tools to streamline the business process, maximise efficiency and generate real value for businesses, their suppliers and their customers.

Our team of experienced Microsoft .NET architects, analysts and engineers deliver a wide range of comprehensive solutions in the following key areas:

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Manage change more effectively with our architecture-centric, solutions-oriented development approach.


Maximise your existing technology investments and in-house resources and establishing self-sufficiency as quickly as possible.


Improve your project time to market with sound direction in the planning stage followed by rapid, high-quality implementations.