InfoLogica can assist you to build your next generation of enterprise ready software. We specialise in defining and refining .net architectures that make your projects run smoother, your developers more effective, and your customers happier! Start your next project with a proven, best practice .net architecture in place, your developers can immediately begin the critical work of implementing business solutions.

Infologica Consulting Expertise

OpenID Connect, OpenAuth2.0
.NET Core
.NET 4.0/4.5
Web Services(ASMX, WCF)
PKI, X509, Kerberos,
.NET and Win32 Security
.NET Integration and Customization
Web Messaging(Sockets, SignalR)
AngularJS, Angular CLI
AJAX, JQuery, Knockout JS
ATL, C#, C++
COM+ and Enterprise Services
Database Analysis
Distributed Applications
Legacy System Migrations
InfoLogica has a firm belief that the quality of the product produced is directly related to the talent of the staff. Our staff includes only the most talented managers, scientists, and programmers available. All employees are well educated and have extensive knowledge in their field of expertise. The majority of our staff has been in the software development industry since the 1980's. Some of our programmers have been developing software for over 17 years. We can create and work with even the most complex projects that require phenomenal stability and security. We produce outstanding work that ranges from traditional to the cutting edge.

What Are Infologica's Objectives?

Our objective is to provide State-of-the-art products and services, and to realise the best possible returns for our clients’ technology investments achievable anywhere.

What Are Infologica's Policies & Strategy?

Our strategy is to ensure our growth by achieving the highest possible customer satisfaction. We never compromise on the integrity of our approach, or on enhancing our technical strengths. As critical as its products and technologies are, nothing is more important to Infologica's success than the ability to build and preserve strong and lasting relationships with both partners and customers.

What Are Infologica's Strengths?

Our strengths are our professionalism, flexibility and superb technical skills. Our development approach ensures a rich spectrum of features in our software reflecting customers’ actual work flow. Moreover, Infologica solutions are parameterised so clients can quickly put to use the features they need with a minimum of time, effort and cost.

Infologica have a team of IT Professionals and consultants ranging from :

Project Managers
Business Analysts
Systems Analysts/Architects
Database Analysts
Developers, Programmers
Quality Assurance Analysts
Help Desk Analysts
Network Engineers/Administrators
Systems Programmers

We utilise Fourth Generation Languages and cutting-edge tools such as .Net, C#, our fully enabled SOA Enterprise Services system toolset, XML, ASP.Net, and Microsoft SQL Server.

The company has nearly a quarter of a century of experience in system integration, at every level of complexity. Our software development projects have focused on the diverse requirements of international markets and clients.

Our mission is always to assure our customers of the highest standards of quality and professionalism in any work they receive from us.

For general advice about software development or to enquire further about the services we provide, our contact information can be found here.